Farmers are often gifted technical innovators. The technology they develop is very useful because it uses low-cost resources available on local farms. However, knowledge of these innovations is often restricted to a small area.

Although many valuable items of technology have been developed by research institutions, they are often too expensive for small-scale farmers to be able to adopt them. We feel that labor-saving farming methods based on low-cost inputs which are locally available are often more suitable for small farms than the technology developed on research stations, and can make an important contribution to the sustainability of small farms in the region.

Innovative livestock technologies include a wide variety of machines, farm management systems and other devices used for livestock farming. They range from advanced feeding systems to cleaning and milking robots. Technologies like these are available and beneficial for all types and sizes of farms. In the last years these technologies have progressed rapidly and now have proven benefits for the environment, animal welfare and farmers’ competitiveness

We Advocate for the use of Sensor Technologies in Livestock

At Yitedev, we Design Smart Farms: Using Sensors to Improve Management and Productivity on Cattle Farms

Cow Pregnancy, The Critical Process

Cows cannot produce milk sustainably without getting pregnant

Our Goat Project for the Rural Poor

From Hatchery

We Train Communities on how to keep improved breeds

Status Update

PalmPlan has been under testing and evaluation since June 2016 to 2017. This began as a research project at Muteesa 1 Royal University and Lubaga Hospital

Next Steps

-Official Launch of the application -Adoption and usability -Getting partners who can support in the distribution -Conduct seminors and train people how palmplan works. -Getting financing Partners for the application


Small Scale Farmer Caring for Her new Home stock

Begun with 30 chicks to 7000 Birds now. From here it became a basis for the Home of Kroiler Chicken

Apart from that, we are designing small cages for the rural poor to keep manageable poultry stocks for small income generation


PalmPlan is a mobile app that uses natural family planning algorithm to monitor and track the fertility status of ladies under reproductive age. Using palmplan a lady can easily know her fertile days in a menestral cycle so as to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Application Language

The app is in English as well as supports over 5 lacal languages for native Ugandan citzens including Kiswahili the official East African Language.