Open data for Agriculture

With GODAN, We Promote the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable This is a critical time for country governments, donors, business, NGOs, academia and the open data community to consider how open data can be applied to achieve development targets. While open data can be used to benefit many areas, there are also three where it could have a significant impact in the next development agenda and beyond.
    Open data can:
  • more effectively target aid money and improve development programmes,
  • track development progress and prevent corruption, and
  • contribute to innovation, job creation and economic growth.

Let us work together and advocate for open data to increase food security and also reduce food waste.

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Could drones be the future of agriculture

Slowly but surely, the agriculture industry is realizing the benefits and discovering different strategies on how drones can benefit and move their crop production plans forward.


We can do it!

Together Let's Build a Solution With Open Data

Open data for Agriculture

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We can use Open Data to increase food security

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Our local farmers they need to get answers to those questions before producing.
However Open data is a powerful tool being used to solve problems around the world in agriculture and nutrition: from drought, pests and diseases, to food security and food safety.