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Different Interfaces

Notifications for the cycle

Entering New Cycle

Kuroiler keeping Project



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We intend to raise a parent stock of 100 Kuroiler hens and 13 Kuroiler cocks as a pilot for producing fertilized eggs for: selling, eating for nutrition purposes and hatching into new chicks. Every month after maturity of the birds i.e. 5 months, two selected youths were trained in commercial Kuroiler keeping and management and there after each be donated with 35 one-month old Kuroiler chicks as a startup kit on agreed terms and conditions. Every youth who receives a donation of the chicks was required to donate back an equivalent number of one-month old Kuroiler chicks to the project after 10 months. The donated chicks were again be donated to another youth still on the same terms and conditions. Every youth was supposed to add not less than 100 new chicks on his stock in every 12 months from maturity of the birds.

On average, we picked a minimum of 60 fertilized eggs from 100 Kuroiler hens everyday. In 10 days we were able to pick a minimum of 600 fertilized eggs and in 30 days 1800 fertilized eggs. Every month we hatched a minimum of 1000 eggs into a minimum of 700 a day old Kuroiler chicks and sold a minimum of 600 a day old chicks at a minimum of $0.75 per chick and this will generate a total of $450. The remaining chicks will be kept for both donating to the 2 selected youths every month and for expanding our stock. Out of the remaining 800 fertilized eggs, we sold off a minimum of 700 of them every month at a minimum of $0.09 per egg and this will generate a total of $63. The remaining 100 eggs was ment to be eaten by people working on the project for nutrition purposes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are Commited to develop human potential through day to day applied technology, active hands on learning and research promotion and promotion of human rights, better Agricultural methods for social-economic and educational development

Our Focus

Agriculture, IT4Development, Open Data In Agriculture And Health Sector, Education, Community Development, Advocates For Peace, Sanitation, WASH Programs.

We Also Develop Organization Online Social Media Strategies, Offer IT And Agricultural Consultancies, Organize Tech Meetups For Non-profit, advocating for food security


Empowering Youths, Farmers, Women and Children towards Sustainability and other areas affecting Humanity

Global food security: could wheat feed the world?

Food prices: reining in volatile markets

What about those who cannot afford?

What will happen if we reduce food waste?

Agriculture’s high-flying future Drones

Could drones be the future of agriculture

Slowly but surely, the agriculture industry is realizing the benefits and discovering different strategies on how drones can benefit and move their crop production plans forward.

Making Agriculture easy and Simple

For Soil and field analysis, Planting,Crop spraying,Crop monitoring,Irrigation,Health assessment

Cow Pregnancy, The Critical Process

Cows cannot produce milk sustainably without getting pregnant

Training People how ICTs can be used in Poultry Keeping

Chicks in a local Broader

Taking care of chicks

Our Goat Project for the Rural Poor

From Hatchery

We Train Communities on how to keep improved breeds

Status Update

PalmPlan has been under testing and evaluation since June 2016 to 2017. This began as a research project at Muteesa 1 Royal University and Lubaga Hospital

Next Steps

-Official Launch of the application -Adoption and usability -Getting partners who can support in the distribution -Conduct seminors and train people how palmplan works. -Getting financing Partners for the application


We can do it!

Together Let's Build a Solution With Open Data

Open data for Agriculture

Agri-Drone Tech

Together Let's Build a Solution With Drone Technology in Agriculture

Drone: The Future of Agriculture

The need for smart farming is making drones a big part of our agricultural future

Used in Spraying

Drone In Action

We Offer Consultations in Kroiler Chicken Keeping

We ara a Home of Kuroiler Chicken

Caged Kroiler Project

Small Scale Farmer Caring for Her new Home stock

Begun with 30 chicks to 7000 Birds now. From here it became a basis for the Home of Kroiler Chicken

Apart from that, we are designing small cages for the rural poor to keep manageable poultry stocks for small income generation


PalmPlan is a mobile app that uses natural family planning algorithm to monitor and track the fertility status of ladies under reproductive age. Using palmplan a lady can easily know her fertile days in a menestral cycle so as to avoid unintended pregnancy.

Application Language

The app is in English as well as supports over 5 lacal languages for native Ugandan citzens including Kiswahili the official East African Language.
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We drive Agriculture with Technology

Youths in Technology and Development Uganda, is a Community-Youth driven, Volunteer-run, independent, nonprofit organization registered by the government of Uganda dedicated to deliver inclusive, innovative, sustainable programs and services to support the use of sustainable Technologies in our communities as well as Youth empowerment and community development.

We can use Open Data to increase food security

Poultry production, Great Business

Poultry production is a common livestock business around the world, it is practiced in different capacities, small, medium and commercial scale. As a poultry farmer, your goal is to manage the birds such that they produce optimally and increase productivity, hence, making profit from it.

There are many factors that can deter this aim, some are known and easily detected while some are unaware. Some requires medications while some just need a proper welfare. These are the rudimentary knowledge a poultry farmer should always have in mind.

Poultry Brooding

Brooding is the maximum attention and care given to chicks from a day old to about 4-5weeks of age. This is the most delicate period of a chicken's life and also the most tedious and cautious aspect of poultry production. Any mismanagement during the first 4weeks of a chick’s life can ruin the farm anytime.

So having adequate knowledge of brooding is very paramount in poultry production. You will agree with me that most farmers do not brood, rather, they prefer to buy point of lay or grow out broiler or cockerel. However, brooding is very cost effective and help reduces cost of production provided you have the right knowledge of how to go about it. Though, it's very tedious and risky but with proper management, you can always hedge against any mishap.

Strategy for Use Expansion

We have a compitent technical team that has run its operations for more than 1 year now, and they are always ready to work towards the success of the innovation. We hope to conduct Massive Advertisment: We are planning to conduct a massive TVS, Radios and Social Media advertisment to create awareness of the app to as many people as possible. Official Launch: we are planning to conduct an official launch where guest from the Central Government, Health institutions, Religious bodies, Academic instituions, NGOs will be invited, this will serve as a starting point for the official operations and distributioin of the application.

We Embed ICT in Agriculture

This organisation is a human service organization that identifies the approach of effective means to involve young people in carrying out A carrying out Agriculture and in local development decision-making, giving them voice and influencing power, with benefits for themselves and their communities.

We are Indented to nurturing human potential, the capacity-building organization is made up of vibrant youths who exist to help youths and communities to access the skills, tools, and information they need to get going and do what they do best. We're about building effective and lasting relationships with people and organizations from all sectors so that together we can lend a helping hand and allow the thousands of Youths in localities across Uganda to reach their full potential as well as getting neccesary means of increasing food Security and Production

3 questions for Growers

Our local farmers they need to get answers to those questions before producing.
However Open data is a powerful tool being used to solve problems around the world in agriculture and nutrition: from drought, pests and diseases, to food security and food safety.

We are a Home of Kroilers Chicken

This is a brief update about what is happening at the #HomeOfKuroiler chicken. We are managing different ages as you can see and this week we are having new arrivals coming. Make you booking now for 1 day or 1 month chicks we still have more you can be interested in. Another batch will also be making one month this week. Have a look at everything and we wait for your order

A Brooder For a Small Scale Farmers

A hatched chick cannot maintain a proper body temperature without your help. Exposing a chick to cool temperatures in the first three weeks of life makes the bird uncomfortable and less likely to eat the feed and drink the water needed for a good start. In meat-type chickens, cool temperatures can lead to permanent heart damage. Exposing the young bird to cool (20ºC or 70ºF) for the first day or two on the farm can cause the bird to die from heart problems later. Heated premises are definitely needed for brooding.

For small flocks, the most common source of heat is a heat lamp. These lamps accommodate a 250-watt red or clear bulb. When suspended 45 to 60 cm (18 to 24") off the floor, they provide enough heat to brood up to 100 chicks for a single-light, or 300 to 500 for a four-light model. Some units have thermostatic controls, while others have to be raised or lowered to provide the required temperature at bird level.

How it works

-PalmPlan uses the tradition Natural Family Planning algorithm to track ladies fertility status. -The user just enters her first day of the menstration cycle and the app automatically monitors her daily fertility status along her cycle. -The app supports native local languages and as such it is easily used even by illiterate people. -The app shares track of a lady's previous history which is formated in a way making it possible to be shared VIA SMS apps and emails. -The app supports instant communication between the client and a health personel though SMS. This ensures little communication gap among palmplan users and the health institutions. The app offer change of fertility updates to its ussers through notifications

Why we Chose Kroilers for Income Generation

Kuroilers are dual purpose hybrid of chicken that produce quality meat and eggs. They offer a significant improvement in virtually all areas of breeding compared to the indigenous chickens,

They can produce around 150 to 200 eggs per year, or even 300 eggs in warmer conditions and the maturity period is about 10 weeks.

The meat yield per bird is also greater, with cocks weighing approximately 3.5kg at maturity and hens weighing about 2.5kg this makes them viable.

Give them Education

Though Children attending school in Rural Communities of Uganda face a great number of challenges like: lack of materials to use at school, lack of food, walking long distances, lack of clean and safe water, among others; this does not rob them their right to education.

Yitedev strives had to see that the rural poor attain quality education

Please Support us to support the rural poor in attaining quality Education

See that Joy

Reaching out to poor rural community schools with scholastic materials is one of the key activities of our Organisation On 25th October 2017, we reached out to over 400 children of New Hope Primary School with scholarship materials like: Pens, Pencils, Exercise Books and Mathematical Geometry Sets.

This donation was sponsored by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas.
Lastly, we still need more support and feel free to contact us with a donation of any kind and we shall be able to reach out to as many needy schools as possible.